World Population Day Essay And History

Here we will discuss today about World Population Day Essay And History as World population Day is the day commemorated for the purpose of high population growth in the entire world. United Nations are the one who were the initiator of this good cause almost half a decade ago. In the late of 1960’s all the leaders and NGO’s were having the perception that reproduction is the basic human right of every individual and they have complete freedom and responsibility of the number and timing of their children. But soon when the population grew to the milestone of 5 billion than the people started to think more seriously and that is when the campaigns started to grew on the awareness programs. The first ever world population day was being observed on July 11th 1989, this day was being named as the world population day because on this day   the awareness regarding the population growth was being imparted. Since then United Nations declared that all government and non-governmental organizations will celebrate this day on every 11th July. For the year 2018 which is the current year the World Population Day will be celebrated on 11th July, 2018 that will be on Thursday.

World Population Day Essay And History
World Population Day Essay And History

The basic purpose behind the observance of or History of World Population Day is to increase awareness regarding the social and economic problems of over population. On this day various ceremonies and programs are being conducted all over the globe and specially in United States in which the people are convinced to keep their families short and to have proper gap in between their children so that economic burden from the family as well as from the state should be reduced. World Population Day is not a public holiday as all the normal proceedings are carried but at the same time various NGO’s and different organizations do conduct the awareness programs regarding various issues which includes significance of family planning, gender equality, maternal health, poverty and human rights.

On this special day various seminars and discussions are being arranged and organized at the same time educational information sessions and essay competitions are being organized at the schools and educational institutions so that the young generation can also be made aware regarding the problems and issues which are getting more and more common due to the increasing of population. The day is celebrated worldwide by business groups, community organizations and individuals in their own various styles. Celebrating world population day is the need of today because the population of the world is getting higher and higher which is creating more and more problems for the state. Well here we end our today topic that is World Population Day Essay And History hope you love to read.

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