World Food Day 2019 In UK, Australia, Canada

Here we will discuss world food day 2019 in UK, Australia, Canada. We would like to mention that World Food Day isheld on 16th October every year in order to throw the importance on food. This international day is introduced by United Nations Food And Agricultural Organization. Each year, this international day has different theme. Now the question is that what people do on this international day? On this day, many organizations arrange special events. We would like to mention that on 16th October a special event is arranged at the headquarter of FAO in Rome in Italy. The main objective of this event to enhance the importance of food on an international scale. Other leading and top organizations organize different events, conferences, presentations and workshops for the proper food production, distribution as well as security. We would like to mention that on this international day different events are arranged in order to create awareness regarding the problems of food supply and food distribution. Moreover, different fundraising events are arranged on this day such as sports events, concerts, charity auctions etc.

World Food Day 2019 In UK, Australia, Canada

World food day 2018 in Uk, Australia, Canada

We would like to mention that World Food Day is considered to be global observance and it is not a public holiday. For our readers, we want to mention the brief introduction of World Food Day. We would like to mention that FAO increase the level of nutrition in the whole world. Secondly, FAO also improve the agricultural productivity at all the stages. Thirdly, FAO also enhance the lives of rural populations and also improve the growth of world economy. In additionally, it also provides the best assistance to different countries by changing the agricultural economy. If we talk about history of World Food Day then this international day founded since 1981.

Now the question is that what is the symbol of World Food Day? Well, this international day has the symbol of circle. Inside the circle, there is graphical image of an ear of wheat. The letters which are written are F,A and O. We would like to mention that the symbol of World Food Day includes three abstract human figures harvesting, distributing as well as sharing food. Moreover, the figures are shown in shown in bluish grey color along with the food in an orange shade. Now we would like to mention that on which date this international day will be celebrated on UK, Australia and Canada. Well, like other countries, these countries also celebrated this day on 16th October on a grand scale.

On the whole after discussing World Food Day 2019 in UK, USA it is easy to conclude that it is important for all the highly developed countries that this day should be celebrated on a grand scale. In the final conclusion, we can say that this day holds great importance for enhancing the role of world food day.


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