What Is The History Behind Of Halloween For Kids

Here we will discuss what is the history behind of Halloween for kids? We would like to mention that Halloween is the event that has been celebrated by ancestors. In fact, the history of Halloween has been started since 3000 years back. In this article, we will discuss the brief history of Halloween event. The first Halloween event was celebrated in 2900 B.C. We would like to mention that Samhain used to celebrated this event on the occasion of new year on 21st October. Moreover, Celts strongly believed that it was during the period of Samhain every year that the dead came back to earth in the shape of animals. We would like to mention that Celts used to be pagans during this special time and they engaged in Samhain in order to exchange food. They strongly believe that they would please Gods and also help the evil spirits. Because of this thinking in their minds, they dress up in different scary masks as well as fiery costumes. The most important feature of Halloween event is the bonfire. Moreover, other main features of this event are costumes, pumpkins, masks and many more other exciting things.

What Is The History Behind Of Halloween For Kids

What is the history behind of Halloween for kids

With the passage of time, it was the Christians who transformed the Samhain of Pagans into the special Christian celebration and then it was named as Halloween. Gradually, different myths and legends came to be linked Halloween like pagan rituals and customs. We would like to mention that the ghost stories around campfire also become the integral and important part of Halloween tradition or event. Moreover, Halloween event started as the festival with the adults busy in merry making along with gala celebrations. With the passage of time, things have reached with severe proportions. In recent times, this event is now completely change and turned into the kid’s event. In western countries, Halloween event is celebrated on the larger scale. People anxiously waiting for the arrival of this event. If we talk about the preparation of this event, then people make special arrangements. Without any doubt, we can say that this event is getting popular with every passing day.

On the whole after discussing the history of Halloween it is easy to conclude that this event is getting very popular in the whole world. People would love to celebrate this event on the larger scale. On this special event, people make special arrangements. In the final conclusion, we can say that we should not deny the importance and popularity of this event. In short, this event is the symbol of fun and enjoyment.

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