Top 10 Makeup Brands in the World 2019

Here we will discuss Top 10 Makeup Brands in the World 2019. On makeup products have always remained as one of the essential ingredients for the women. This is the just element that makes her feel as one of the most beautiful person on this planet. It is the source of beautifying, cleansing and even contributing attractiveness to the women. Nevertheless there are many fashion brands that are captured in a bird’s eye view and with the passage of time this competition is getting even more and more increased. Do you know that which are the top makeup brands that are currently ruling on the hearts of the woman? Well if not then you must read out this article right now! Here we are sharing out the complete list and qualities of the top ten best makeup brands 2019.

Top 10 Makeup Brands in the World 2019

10. NARS:

On the tenth ranking we have the brand NARS. This has been one of the most famous makeup brands on international level. In the beginning this brand was set as the skin care brand by Francois Nars who is a makeup artist and a photographer as well. He started his cosmetic journey by introducing 12 lipstick shades in New York. This voyage make this brand recognized that further appeared with the skin care products and makeup products as well.

Top 10 Makeup Brands in the World 2019
Top 10 Makeup Brands in the World 2019

9. Avon:

On the ninth ranking we have the brand named as Avon. This brand is based upon the American brand citizenship. Avon is performing the task in almost 140 countries. It was established in 1886 by David H McConnell. In 2012 this brand earns the annual sales rate of $10.7 billion which make it as the fifth largest beauty companies in the whole world. There are currently 6.4 million users who take advantage from Avon beauty products.

8. Urban Decay:

On the eighth number we have the makeup brand Urban Decay. This brand has known for its eye shadow, lip gloss, eyeliner, lip plumper, bronzer, mineral makeup, & other cosmetics. Since the last few years this brand has made its own prominent and reputed stand in just minimum couple of year. Their best finest products along with the affordable rates have made this brand as the Top 10 Makeup Brands in the World 2019.

7. Etude:

On seventh number we will talk about the brand as Etude. This brand is based in Korea. Etude has just arrived with their fresh makeup products during the spring arrivals. The way they mix the shades of two colors within the eye shadows make this brand much famous and demanding for the women. Every single spring the women get crazy to hold their makeup products.

6. Maybelline New York:

On the sixth ranking we have the brand named as Maybelline. This brand has been set up in New York in 1915 by Chemist T.L. Williams. This brand gained enormous success and fame during the 1960’s. Their sensational colored shades and eye products have each single time make the women extra crazier for their products.

5. Olay:

On the fifth we will be throwing the light on the brand Olay. This brand has been one of the most wanted and popular ones in 1950’s. Their products have always made the women feel as naturally beautiful ones. During the time period of 2000 this brand touched the success limits and still their journey is on the way. Their finest products and skin care creams has ranked this brand in the list of the Top Ten Makeup Brands 2019.

4. Clinique:

Clinique is the fourth most prominent and renowned makeup brands in the whole world. In 1968 this brand started its journey and each year they have received 100% responses from the buyers. In 2008 Clinique even started their new field with the name of Clinique Medical that offer with the medical assistance. These few factors have made this brand as one of the most Top 10 Makeup Brands in the World 2019.

3. The Body Shop:

On the third ranking we have the name of Body Shop. This brand has been set up in almost all the hooks and corners of the world. The very first branch of this brand was set up in 1976 in United Kingdom. In April 2019 it was revealed that Body Shop has set up their almost 50% of the branches that has make this brand as the biggest annual earning brand as well. They offer out with the skin care products along with the makeup and hair care as well.

2. L’Oreal:

On the second number we will be highlighting about the L’Oreal. This brand has been marked as one of the largest cosmetic brands in the entire world. They deal out their customers with the hair color, skin care, sun protection, make-up, perfumes and hair care. They have even set up their pharmateutical filed working after the great terrific success. This superior service of L’Oreal has made this brand as the top ten brands in the list of 2019.

1.      MAC:

On the last ranking we have the name of MAC. This brand has been working since 1985 in Canada. This brand was set up by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. This brand has so far made enormous success just through their best of the best outstanding makeup products and skin care creams. This Top Ten Makeup Brands 2019 brand has gained maximum heights of fame in minimum time scale just by providing the excellent products.

So these were the Top 10 Makeup Brands in the World 2019. If you have still not filled your wardrobe with any of such brands makeup products then just get hold over it right now. We are sure that you will just love to apply it over your face!


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