Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Singapore

If you are looking for Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Singapore then you are on the right page. Singapore is considered to be one of the most beautiful and well-crafted countries in which the local body system has been one of the best systems which have maintained the beauty of the place. Singapore is lavished by the natural and scenic beauty. These things make it one of the most desirable places to visit for the tourist. So, if you are also planning to visit Singapore, then there are several places that you shouldn’t miss. Although the whole country is beautiful and is best, still there are some destinations that you should never miss. So, here we have made a list of the top 10 most beautiful destinations. Check them out and don’t miss any of the places.

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Singapore

It is very difficult to shortlist the best places because the whole country is beautiful. But we have made a list for the viewers so that they can check these places. So, have a look at them.

1. Singapore Flyer:

Singapore Flyer

This is the world’s largest Ferris current, high reached 165 meters. It offers you a breathtaking 360 ° panoramic view of Singapore and the region (opening early 2008). Located in Marina Bay, this vehicle is next to the Retail Terminal has three levels, with a wide selection of shops and food outlets. There is a central atrium that leads to a lush tropical forest, and an outdoor theater that will be a stage show. The Flyer affords great views of the Marina Bay Street Circuit of the Singapore Grand Prix as it is located beside the straight between turns 21 and 22, and near the pit area.

2. Universal Studio Singapore:

Universal Studio Singapore

It has become the top tourist attractions of Singapore. Universal Studios Singapore is located in the Resort World Sentosa, which includes the Integrated Resort has just opened officially in April of 2010. Each set foot in the various zones; you will experience a different feel. Universal Studios Singapore is divided into 7 zones, Madagascar, the Palace of far Away from the world of Shrek was the first in the world, The Lost World where you can find a world of dinosaurs and Water world, Ancient Egypt – a world full of ancient Egyptian mummies, Sci-fi – a futuristic city and the last two zones of the theme of a famous city in America that is Hollywood and New York.  Universal Studios Singapore has over 30 restaurants and food carts, together with 20 unique retail stores and carts located around the park.

3. Marine Life Park:

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Singapore

The completion of the construction of the West Zone (Marine Life Park, which features a 620m long Adventure River, water slides, S.E.A. Aquarium – the world’s largest) marks the end of the final phase of the integrated development in Sentosa. The new attraction will be a catalyst for visitor arrivals in 2011.

4. Singapore Botanical Gardens:

Singapore Botanical Gardens

This garden is located in the middle of town. This small forest is right next to Gleneagles hospital. Singapore Botanic Gardens has a fairly complete collection of plants. Plants are almost gone or going extinct Reservas here. For admission to the Singapore Botanic Garden is free of charge. This garden has an area of ?? approximately 64 acres, in these top tourist attractions you can enjoy the scenery and lush green trees. There is also a swan lake (Swan Lake), located not far from the entrance. The scenery was hard to find in the city of Singapore. The National Orchid Garden is the main attraction within the Botanic Gardens. Located on the mid-western side of the Garden, the hilly three-hectare site has a collection of more than 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrids of orchids.

5. Boat Quay and Clarke Quay:

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Singapore

Boat Quay and Clarke Quay are filled with restaurants, pubs, and clubs, so the atmosphere here was crowded and mixed up, loud music to light jazz mixed into one. This place was visited by the builders clubbing, young executives who just got home from work, couples who want to enjoy a romantic dinner, and also many foreign tourists.

6. Sentosa Island:

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island includes three beaches, resorts, amusement parks, the Universal Studios theme park, the largest marine life park in the world and a casino. In addition, historic forts, nature walks and an amazing variety of foods: Chinese, Italian, French, Japanese and Australian can all be found. The Crane Dance at Resort World Sentosa is a major attraction as is the high-end shopping and excellent entertainment.

7. Singapore Zoo:

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Singapore

Singapore Zoo is one of the major tourist attractions in Singapore. Supplemented by thousands of rare animals make kids would love to see the uniqueness of each animal that they had never seen their lifetime. At the time the sun began to set, you can enjoy a different atmosphere at the Night Safari. Singapore Zoo also provides a vehicle for children’s play Rainforest Kid world. A wave of lively children waiting in the water play area, with themes such as wildlife parks wet dream! For the game, more exciting, young and old can ride to the animal-themed carousel. This zoo has a different concept from other zoos. With open cages, all animals can live like in their natural habitat.

8. Singapore Flight Experience:

Taste it ride or drive a Boeing 737-800NG aircraft the world’s most popular and most successful aircraft – you can feel the flight with an experienced instructor who will help you through all aspects of aviation. With more than 20,000 airports around the world in a data bank and a full 180 degrees of the visual and most advanced cockpit and the sound quality is very similar to the original sound truly unforgettable experience.

9. Asian Civilization Museum:

For a good overall view of Asian culture, this Museum includes artifacts from a wide range of countries from India to Vietnam and charts the cultural impacts of the beliefs and religions in the Middle East, India, Indo-China, China, Japan, Korea, and Malay. Housed in a beautiful 19th-century structure, the museum’s exhibits include a ninth-century Buddha and a Chinese snuffbox.

10. International Cruise Center:

International Cruise Center

Leveraging on its strategic location between major international maritime routes, Singapore is already home to several of the world’s top cruise lines such as Star Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, Silver sea Cruises and P&O Princess. The International Cruise Terminal is able to handle over 6,000 passengers at any one time and accommodate the largest cruise ships in the world, enabling Singapore to leverage on the anticipated increase in demand for cruising in the region.

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Singapore

So, this was all about Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Singapore. Hopefully, you are confident about the post. As given in the complete post, Singapore is not a small country. There are a number of places that you can visit but we have given some places where a number of travelers visit. Stay tuned with us for more informative posts.

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