How to propose to a woman for marriage

Proposing women is considered to be very critical occasion in the life of both the man and women because this is the most pleasant and crucial moment which is being kept remembered for years and years by both the genders. There are so many precious and very pleasing proposal ideas for marriage which can be done that will inculcate a very positive and charming impression on the girl. There are no limitations and restrictions when someone wishes to propose his girl as he can go to any extent as below are mentioned few creative and charming marriage proposals by a man to his woman;

proposal to a woman for marriage

  • A man should know what her girl likes the most, flowers and floral decorations are considered to be one of the most traditional and highly effective means of proposing your girl. This can be done by decorating a place with attractive flowers and the woman should be taken their without informing her and once she will be stunned by looking the floral decoration that will be the best time to propose her.
  • Close the lights of the house and decorate the walking path by candles, rose flowers and spot lights, make your girl walk on the floor and not to tell her anything, at the end of the walkway, decorate the alleviation wall and write with the flowers regarding the proposing question or make a he heart and write your and your lovers name in it, as she will be surprised to see that and once she turns the face to your side, she should find you bend on the knees and then proposing her.
  • These were the traditional ways, and few creative ideas includes that reserve a complete page of any newspaper or magazine which you are completely sure that your girl do tends to read it regularly, and on that page write the marriage proposal in bold fonts which will surely stun her once she will read it.
  • Skywriting is getting more and more popular nowadays that the skywriters do write things on the sky either using the aircraft or crackers from the ground. So you can take your girl to any hill station and romantic spot where you can ask the skywriter to either write the name of the woman on the sky or write the entire proposal sentence which she will read in front of you. To make the situation even more charming and attractive do this technique of proposing in night as in the dark sky it will look even more beautiful, romantic and stunning.

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