Oscar 2018 Predictions Best Actor And Supporting Actor

Oscars being one of the most renowned and important international award ceremony in which the movies and films from all over the globe compete on various themes on one common terminal which makes it as one of the best award and the most crucial ceremonies in the world. Amongst all the categories of awards; the most nail biting competition and the very much significant award is the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for the year. The nominations have been made for the upcoming Oscar Awards in the year 2018 which will be the 86th Academy Awards, as debates and arguments are going all over the globe regarding the contenders for the main award of the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.  Let us also have the early predictions of the winners for the following categories.

Prediction Best Actor:

For the Best Actor awards in the Oscar we do have several close contenders which have put on a very impressive show on the large screens and have played the vital role in the success of the films in which they have taken part as the leading role as Actor. The top five contenders for this very respective award for the 86th Academy Awards are;

Oscar 2018 Predictions Best Actor And Supporting Actor

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio (The Wolf of Wall Street)
    Leonardo DiCaprio
  2. Tom Hanks (Captain Philips)
    Tom Hanks
  3. Michael B Jordan (Fruitvale Station)
    Michael B Jordan
  4. Idris Elba Mandela (Long Walk to Freedom)
    Idris Elba Mandela

5.Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years A Slave)

Amongst the above mentioned names of the Actors the strongest contender for the Best Actor award in the Oscars 2018 is Leonardo DiCaprio for his performance in the grand block buster movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” in which he has performed exceptionally well for which he is being appreciated all over the world and that is why he is being also nominated in Best Actor Award category.

Prediction Best Supporting Actor:

Supporting actor is also a very important and significant character in the movie which also plays a very strong contribution in the success of the movies and for which the category of the Best Supporting Actor is also being included in the 86th Academy Awards of Oscars 2018. The top five contenders for this very respective award include the following;

  1. Mark Ruffalo (Fox catcher)
    Mark Ruffalo
  2. Michael Fassbender (12 Years A Slave)
    Michael Fassbender
  3. Benedict Cumberbatch (August: Osage County)
    Benedict Cumberbatch
  4. Josh Brolin (Labor Day)
    Josh Brolin
  5. John Goodman (Inside Llewyn Davis)

John Goodman

Amongst the above mentioned 5 contenders the prediction for the winner of the award is Mark Ruffalo for the movie “Fox Catcher” in which his supporting act was being mesmerized by his emotions and gestures, for which he is our prediction for being the winner for the best supporting actor award in the upcoming Oscars 2018.

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