How to Make Holi Color Powder at Home

How to Make Holi Color Powder at Home because Holi is one of the most renowned festivals in the world which is originated by the Hindus and is considered to be one of the most important traditional ritual and celebration in Hinduism, one of the most important constituent of the celebration in the use of colors of all types which are being used as the main feature of celebration. The real fun and entertainment of Holi starts when the children in fact the people of all age groups join their head to make various Holi powder colors at home, this is fun as well as very important as far as the health and hygiene is considered because various reports have identified that the commercial color powders are unhealthy and injurious to health, so that is why people to prefer making the Holi powder at home. Here are few techniques and ingredients which are required to make the Holi powder at home, with many of the home ingredients.

How to Make Holi Color Powder at Home

How to Make Holi Color Powder at Home

Holi Powder Colors at Home:

1.      Yellow Color:  Yellow is one of the very bright and often used colors in the festival of Holi. Yellow color is being formed by Mix natural turmeric with besan or multani sand to get the bright yellow color.

2.      Red Color: Red is the second most important color in celebrating Holi and is considered to be that only color which itself expresses love and joy. To make the red powder color at home, add red sandalwood powder, crushed hibiscus flowers with wheat flour or maida. You can also make use of natural sindoor or pooja tilak mixture.

3.      Green Color: Green color can be made very easily and economically at home for the festive of Holi as it can be formed by simply mixing mehndi powder with some wheat flour or finely crush methi seeds and mix it with maida and add some hot boiling water in it which will give it the strengthened color, before evaporating the water to get the green colored powder.

4.      Blue Color:  Blue color can be formed at home by scrubbing and crushing dried jacaranda flowers or blue hibiscus and mix with wheat flour.

5.      Black Color: Black is not the color which is very much common as far as the Holi is concerned because it is not that much eye pleasing but still people make the color at home and for that purpose they simply mix the dry Kajal powder as black color, and if slight grey color is being wanted then just add this Kajal powder in white floor to neutralize the dark black color.

6.      Pink color: To obtain the pick color powder just mix Red Sandal with wheat flour to get the pink color.

Through These easy steps you can easily understand How to Make Holi Color Powder at Home dry and natural ways.

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