Lailatul Qadr Mubarak SMS, Images, Wallpapers, Quotes, Dua

Here we will discuss Lailatul Qadr Mubarak SMS, Images, Wallpapers, Quotes, Dua. Firstly, we would like to discuss the importance and significance of Lailatul Qadr. We would like to mention that Lailatul Qadr is also known as Shab-e-Qadr. In the English language, it is known as the night of destiny, the night of value, the night of decree or night of measures. This holy night occurs in the month of Ramadan. This holy and special night is strongly believed by Muslims in the whole world that on this night the Holy Quran was first revealed. Moreover, Muslims in the whole world do extra prayers on this special day particularly the night prayers. Muslims awake the whole night and they pray with the hope that ALLAH will give them everything. So have a look at some quotes for this night.

Lailatul Qadr Mubarak SMS, Images, Wallpapers, Quotes, Dua

Laylat al-Qadr is the night when the very first verses of holly Quraan Iqra Bismi Rabbika was revealed to Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). It is one of the nights of the last ten days of Ramzan Mubarak. So if you want to get the Lailatul Qadr mubarak sms, images, wallpapers, quotes, dua then keep on reading this article.

Lailatul Qadr Mubarak SMS, Images, Wallpapers, Quotes, Dua

Lailatul Qadr Mubarak SMS Messages:

Now the question is that why Lailatul Qadr is so special? We would like to mention that the Holy Quran was revealed in this holy month Ramadan. The sincere Muslim who completely worries about his sins he or she anxiously awaits for the arrival of Lailatul Qadr. Muslims hopes that ALLAH will forgive their past sins or mistakes. We would like to mention that there is a difference of opinion regarding the occurrence of Lailatul Qadr. Now let’s take the collection of Lailatul Qadr Mubarak SMS Messages from the below list.

Lailatul Qadr Mubarak SMS Messages 

  • Rahmaton ki h ye raaaat,
    Namazon ko rakhna saaath,
    Manwa lena apnay ALLAH sy hr baaat,
    Duaon ma bus rakhna yaaaad,
    Mubarak ho aap ko Shab-e-baaaraat!
  • Shab e Qadr Ki Rehmaton Wali Raat Mubarak Ho.
    The Night Of Power Is Better Than Thousand Months.
    Therein Come Down The Angels & The Spirit By ALLAH’s Permission,
    On Evert Errand Peace, This Until The Rise Of Morning.
    Khoob Ibaadat Karo Ho skta hai aaj raat apk bhi shab e qadr ki rehmtain mil jain.
  • Jo Aaj Ki Raat yeni Lailatu Qadr MAin 3 Martaba
    Surah Yaseen Ki tilawatt kary Ga
    Allah Uski Umar Mein Barkat Rizk Mein Izafa Aur Farakhi
    Aur Naghani Afaat Se Mehfooz Rakhe Gaa. IN SHA ALLAH
    Shab-e-Barat Mubarak Ho.
  • Shab e Qadr Ki Nishaniyan
    Shab-E-Qadr (Lailatul Qadr) Ki Raat.
    Faakh-Dili Or Khushiyon Ki Raat H.
    Ye Rat Na To Garm H aOr Na Hi Thandi.
    Is Rat Ki Subho Ka Sooraj Intehai Surkh Rang Ka Hota Hai.
    Lailatul Qadr Mubarak ho
  • At This Holy Night Of Power And Qadr Mean Shab e Qadr
    Or Lailatu Qadr Any action has done
    On this night such as reciting the Quran,
    Remembering Allah,
    It is better than acting For one thousand months…
    which do not contain the night of Qadr…
    Happy Shab e Qadr

Lailatul Qadr Mubarak Quotes

Most scholars do believe that the probability of the occurrence of Lailatul Qadr is on the 27th of Ramadan night. But we would like to mention that there is no way to be sure of its occurrence. The best way is that Muslims should do Ibaadat in all the nights in order to catch Lailatul Qadr. With the arrival of this special night, Muslims normally send messages and wishes to their friends and relatives in order to throw the importance of this night. Now get the latest collection of the Lailatul Qadr Mubarak Quotes for sharing on WhatsApp, Facebook, or any social media channel.

  • Comes The Time Of
    “Lailatul Qadar” And
    The Last Ashra Of Hope
    And Salvation,
    I Feel The Need To Ask
    Forgiveness From You.
    I Might Have Hurt You
    Intentionally Or Unintentionally,
    Back-Bite About You,
    Ignored You, I Truly Asked
    For Forgiveness. I Might Have
    Made Fun Of You And Laughed
    Along With Others. I Am Sorry
    I Am Just Human. Your
    Forgiveness May Be The Means
    Of Less Pain For Me On The
    Day Of Judgment.
    Please Remember Me In Your
    Duas Inshallah
    And That I Have Forgiven You
    Too For The Sake Of ALLAH …
  • Jise Bana Dia Har Ghar Ko Gulistan
    Chala Jaega Kuch Dino Ma Ye Mehman
    Tohfe Ma Day Jaraha Hai Eid Sabko
    Alvida Alvida Mah-E-Ramzan
    Shab-E-Qadar Mubarak Ho
  • Hawa ko khushbu
    Fiza ko Mausam
    Chaman ko Gul MUBARAK
    Aapko or aap k Ghar walon ko Hamari traf se
    Shab-E-QADR ki Raat MUBARAK.

Lailatul Qadr Mubarak Quotes Ramadan 2020

Lailatul Qadr Dua

Thousands of messages and quotes are available in the world of the internet regarding Lailatul Qadr. In this post, we will share the best SMS or messages for Lailatul Qadr. The best Lailatul Qadr dua is given below which you have to recite. 

Lailatul Qadr Dua in arabic translation

Lailatul Qadr Dua

Surat Al Qadr

Lailatul Qadr Mubarak Wallpapers

You can click on any image below to get the latest Lailatul Qadr Mubarak Wallpapers where you have to save into your PC. Just stay in tune with this page because we are regularly updating this page for uploading the best and latest images for you.

Lailatul Qadr Mubarak Wallpaper

Dua for Lailatul Qadr

Walpaper Lailatulqadr

Lailatul Qadr Mubarak SMS

On the whole after discussing Lailatul Qadr Mubarak SMS, Images, Wallpapers, Quotes, Dua it is easy to conclude that without any doubt we can say that it is considered to be most special and holy night in the whole Ramadan. So we can say that all the Muslims from all over the world should do Ibaadat on this night. If you want to send special messages on this night to your friends and relatives for this special night then you should read out the above-mentioned messages or wishes.


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