Labor Day 2019 Quotes, Poetry, Poems, Sayings

Today we are sharing Labor Day 2019 Quotes, Poetry, Poems, Sayings. It is a national holiday in most of the countries of the world. Labor Day is an international day which is being celebrated internationally to celebrate the achievement of workers. There is a holiday on this day. If we track the history of this day then we come to know that this day was originated by the Labor union movement. This day is being celebrated on 1st may and mostly known as the International Worker day. Every person celebrates this day and on this day they send poetry, quotes and wishes to each other. On this website, we are sharing the latest poetry that you can share with your family and friends on 1st May 2019. This year the Labor day is coming on Wednesday and you can check the SMS and poetry according to Wednesday.

Labor Day 2019 Quotes, Poetry, Poems, Sayings

On this labor day, you can send Labor Day 2019 Quotes, Poetry, Poems, Sayings to your family and friends in order to celebrate this day. So you don’t need to go anywhere because we are sharing the heart touching poetry on this website for you.

Labor Day 2019 Quotes, Poetry, Poems, Sayings
Labor Day 2019 Quotes, Poetry, Poems, Sayings

Labor Day 2019 Quotes:

Those who are looking for the Labor Day 2019 Quotes can check the latest Labor day Quotes from this website. These quotes can be shared on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and other social media websites directly through social buttons. Asides this, you can also copy these quotes and send it directly to your beloved ones. So check the below quotes on International Worker’s day.

I Believe that summer is our time, a time for the people and that no politician should be allowed to speak to us during the summer. They can start talking again after Labor Day. (Lewis Black)


All Labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence. (Martin Luther King Jr.)


A mind always employed is always happy. This is the true secret, the grand recipe, for felicity. (Thomas Jefferson)

Labor Day Poetry:

People who are going to celebrate this day can check the latest Labor Day Poetry 2019 from this website. In the following side, we are going to share Labor Day poetry in Urdu which is as follow. So check the images containing International worker day poetry.

Why have you come to earth,

Child-God, in a poor manger?

Does fortune find you a stranger

From the moment of your birth?

Alas, of heavenly stock

Now turned an earthly resident!

Do you not wish to be president

But the shepherd of your flock?

Labor Day 2019 Poetry
Labor Day 2019 Poetry

On Labor Day we celebrate

The workers of the world,

Quite often with a big parade

Where banners are unfurled.

Labor Day 2019 Poetry 2
Labor Day 2019 Poetry 2
Labor Day 2019 Poetry 1
The Labor Day 2019 Poetry 1

Labor Day Poems:

If you are looking for the best Labor Day poems for school or colleges then you must check the collection from this website. On this website, we are sharing the Labor day poems 2019 for the students who want to prepare these poems for coming labor day.

Labor Day officially ends summer,

As those who work enjoy one final fling.

Blessed are those who bear the daily burden,

Of whom few savants speak or

Minstrels sing,

Returning to their harness each September.

Labor Day 2019 poem
Labor Day 2019 poem

Requiring something lovely on his arm

Took me to Stamford, Connecticut, a quasi-farm,

His family’s; later picking up the mammoth

Girlfriend of Charlie, Meanwhile trying to pawn me off

On some third guy also up for the weekend.

But Saturday we still were paired; spent

It sprawled across that sprawling acreage

Until the grass grew limp

With damp. Like me. Johnston-baby, I can still see

The pelted clover, burrs’ prickle fur and gorged

Pastures spewing infinite tiny bells. You pimp.

Labor Day Sayings 2019:

You can check the latest Labor Day Sayings 2019 for the people who want to share these sayings with their colleagues and friends. You can also check the images which are also shared on this website for the people who want to download for using on Facebook or Whatsapp.

Let’s Celebrate

The Labour

That Built up this

Great Land

From Field to field

To Desk to Desk

They Built it

Hand in Hand

Happy Labor Day.


It is only Through Labor and painful effort,

By grim energy and resolute courage,

That we move on to better things.

Happy Labor Day.

This is the complete detail of Labor Day 2019 Quotes, Poetry, Poems, Sayings that we are sharing on this website. So you can download these poems, poetry and saying through this website.


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