Karbala HD Wallpapers 2019 For Phone And Desktop

Here we will share Karbala HD wallpapers 2019 for phone and desktop. Firstly we would like to give the brief introduction of Karbala. As we know that Karbala is a well known city in Iraq. It is located about almost 100 km in the southwest of Baghdad. Karbala has an estimated population of 572,300 people. Karbala is famous for Battle of Karbala in 680. For Muslims, it is considered to be holiest city after Mecca and Madina. Moreover, this city is famous as the place of martyrdom of Hussain Ibn Ali. We would like to mention that Battle of Karbala took place on 10th Muharram.

The battle took place between the supporters of Muhammad grandson Hussain Ibn Ali and the Umaayad Caliph Yazid I. In this battle, Hussain and all his supporters were killed. We would like to mention, Muslims Shias strongly believe. Hussain death was Allah’ order and it was very important to awaken the Ummah and stop hijacking Islam by Yazid. For this purpose, Muslims from all over the world spend this Muharram month with great respect and love. Muslims arrange events and majalis during this holy month. On 9th and 10th Muharram, public holidays announce in Islamic countries.

Karbala HD Wallpapers 2019 For Phone And Desktop

Karbala HD Wallpapers 2019 For Phone And Desktop

Apart from the importance of this holy month, we would like to mention that Muslims set the wallpapers of their phones and desktop according to Karbala and Muharram month. There are so many thousands of wallpapers for phones and desktop are available in the world of internet. The main reason for choosing these wallpapers is to show respect and throw importance on this month. Before the arrival of Muharram month just for 2 to 3 days, Muslims use internet for checking out the wide variety of Karbala wallpapers for their phones and desktop. In this post, we will share best Karbala HD wallpapers for phone and desktop. All the wallpapers for Karbala are decent and shows the importance of Muharram month and Karbala.

On the whole, after discussing Karbala HD wallpapers 2019 for phone and desktop it is easy to conclude, these consider as best wallpapers or your desktop and phones for your Karbala month and Muharram month. In the final conclusion, we can say that if you want to set your phone wallpaper or desktop wallpaper according to Karbala then have a look at these wallpapers.


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