How To Make Rakhi At Home Step By Step

Do you want to know how to make Rakhi at home step by step? Well we all know that Rakhi is known as one of the special happenings in Indian culture. This culture is simply the festival of emotions of love, affection and caring in between brother and sister. On this occasion sister tie up the knot on the wrist of her brother that is known by the name of “Rakhi”! This knot is basically the promise of brother from his sister that he will be standing firm and strong with her in every single difficult time of her life and will going to love and care her till the last breathe of his life. Defining Rakhi we would say that it is basically known as the decorated silk thread. You can even find it in the simple designing or you can even catch it in the embellished and decorative forms as well.

How To Make Rakhi At Home Step By Step

Main Accessories Needed to Make Rakhi:

v  Silk threads-multi-coloured

v  Cotton thread

v  Beads, sequins

v  Scissors

v  Glue

How To Make Rakhi At Home Step By Step

Steps To Make Rakhi At Home:

  1. In the very beginning you have to take the bunch of silk threads that should be in multicolored. Normally Red and yellow are known as Rakhi colors.
  2. You can even try out making the use of a strand or two of golden thread. Make sure one thing that the thread should be around 30″ long.
  3. Now you have to carefully fold the length of the thread bunch to half. Now you have to tie up the knot at one fourth of the length all the way by using the cotton thread. Now you have to cut the loops of the folded thread in addition to fluff the open ends in the company of a hard brush.
  4. Now you have to divide the longer part of the thread into two halves and plat them in desired way.
  5. Now in the final you have to tie up the ends by means of the cotton thread and fluff the open ends.
  6. Now you can start embellishing the upper part in the company of sequins, beads or religious motifs.

So this was the easy and simple method with the help of which you can make Rakhi at home for your brother. Now Rakhi event is getting closer very soon so start planning out something unique and amazing for your brother in the shape of Rakhi.

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