How To Make Rakhi At Home For Kids

Here we will discuss how to make Rakhi at home for kids. In India, raksha bandhan is considered to be most awaited festival. This festival explain and celebrate the beauty of the relationship of brother and sister. In other words, this festival shows the bond between brother and sister. In other words, the word Raksha Bandhan means bond of protection. On this day, sisters tie rakhi on their brothers wrists and also pray to protect their brothers. Now the question is that what is rakhi? Basically, it is a thread that is made of moli or kalawa and sometimes silk thread. Sometimes, it is also decorate with silky threads in different colors, ornaments etc. We would like to mention that homemade rakhi can be serve as the best gift on Raksha Bandhan.

How To Make Rakhi At Home For Kids

how to make rakhi at home for kids
how to make rakhi at home for kids

In this post, we will discuss that how to make rakhi at home for kids? This post has been specially for those readers who want to know that how to make rakhi at home? The main materials that are required for making rakhi at home are as follows:

  • ·         A bunch of silk threads.
  • ·         A bunch of cotton threads.
  • ·         Toothbrush.
  • ·         Scissors.
  • ·         Glue.
  • ·         Sequins.
  • ·         Bunch of zari.
  • ·         Sitaras.

Now we would like to discuss the important steps for making rakhi at home. The main and important steps are as follows:

  • ·         Firstly, you should take the bunch of silk threads in different colors. If you want to make simple rakhi then you should choose single colored of rakhi. The length of the threads should be between almost 20 to 30 inches. You should also add golden or silver threads in order to make it shiny.
  • ·         The next step is that you should take the cotton thread and then tie into the bundle about 4 to 5 inches to the midpoint. The one-fourth part the thread will made into the rakhi and other part will tie around the wrist.
  • ·         Then, you should keep in mind that the heads of silk threads should not remain in loops. You should cut them with the scissor.
  • ·         Moreover, you should divide the longer part of the thread in two parts and then plat them. In the end, you should tie a knot and then brush it again. This will make the string.
  • ·         When you complete this, you should decorate your rakhi with sitaras or pearls. Then you should stick them by using the glue. In this way, you rakhi is prepared.

HandMade Rakhi Designs for Kids

In other words, we can say that making rakhi at home is all about creativity. You can use anything whatever you like. Mostly people use traditional elements such as tulsi etc. On other hand, some girls choose funky stuff like cartoon characters etc. You can easily choose all these stuffs for making your homemade rakhi. You can also surprise your brothers by giving the teddy rakhis. Without any doubt, we can say that giving rakhi is considered to be the best gift for every brother from sister.

On the whole after discussing how to make rakhi at home for kids it is easy to conclude that if you want to make rakhi at home then you should apply the above mentions steps. We are completely sure that after applying these steps you can easily make a beautiful rakhi at home.

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