How to Make Holi Color Powder at Home

Do you want to know that how to make holi color powder at home? Well yes then just read out this article because here we will be providing much imperative details regarding the making of Holi Colors. We all know that in the month of February, all the Indians celebrate the festival of Holi with full happiness and deep love. Even this festive has been becoming so popular on the whole world that now its roots are even falling in Pakistan as well. There are many Pakistanis that join with the Indian communities for sharing love and affection with them. Now without wasting any more time let’s have a look at some colors and their steps for making them.

How to Make Holi Color Powder at Home

How To Make Holi Colors

  • For making green color take some flour in the bowl and add Mehndi or henna in it. Make sure that the Mehndi should be green in color and should be mixed in small quantity for giving light green shades. If you want to keep the face clean from the green color then make sure that the color should not be mixed with the water. If you will make use of water within the color mixture then it will leave its color even after washing the face as well.
  • Next we have yellow color. Take two small spoons of Haldi or Turmeric Powder and add it in some small quantity of water. If in case you want to keep the face free from all sorts of coloring after washing the face then it would be better to make the yellow color mixture almost 24 hours before using it. This will allow the mixture to get absorb and it will never leave any impact of coloring on your face.
  • In addition we will mention about red color. Take a round bowl and add two small spoons of red sandal powder in it and stir it properly. Now mix two small spoons of Turmeric powder and Haldi in it. This will help in giving the actual red color on the Holi days.
  • Blue is one of the most favorite colors in Holi Festivals. For making the dry blue color the person can take enormous help from the Jacaranda Flowers as well. The person can even boil the Indiago Plants in water and boil them for maximum hours. This extreme boiling will then turn into blue shades.

Well this was all about some of the most commonly used Holi colors and their recipes. We are sure that through the help of these recipes you will no longer need to run to markets for colors and will make your Holi more special and memorable ones.

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