Father’s Day History And Facts

Here we will discuss Father’s Day History And Facts. Each single year Father’s Day is welcomed with complete warmness and affection. The Father’s Day holds the same importance and prominence just as the mother’s day and each year this day is just celebrated to share up your love, affection and care towards your father. Hence this is the just day when you can share your emotions and feelings with your father and let his know from the reality that how much you are special and ordinary in the entire globe for him. Now as we are talking about the father’s day then we would like to mention about his history as well. How it gets started? When was the first father day celebrated? Who was the one who emerged with this idea?  What are the public activities on this special day? Now we would like to discuss about Fathers Day history and facts.

Father’s Day History And Facts

Father's Day History And Facts
Father’s Day History And Facts


In the beginning of the 20th Century Father’s day was welcomed in the world for honoring them with the love and respect for which they deserve. This concept of arranging the father day was foremost offered by a woman in Washington named as Sonora Smart Dodd who was listening a sermon on mother’s day and hence decided that there should be some day for father’s as well. Sonora father got died on 19th June and in this way this day become the Father Day. The very first father day was celebrated in June 1910.

Father’s Day Activities 2019

Father Day is the mark of making your father realize that how much you are important for him. This is the day when you can share all your feelings and inner emotions with him. Normally all the markets get filled with the gifts for the father’s day and the crowd get more and more. Some of the best father’s day gifts are clothing, electronic gadgets, outdoor cooking supplies and tools for household maintenance. On this day some of the families arrange special arrangements of the dinner in which all the father’s, grandfathers and elder male members of the families are gathered. All of their children give gifts in front of the families and make them feel special.

Father’s Day Background

So far there have been many ideas because of which father’s day came into existence. One of the major aspects for the birth of the father’s day was the mother day. In addition, the women Sonora who decided with the commencement of the Father’s Day her father give raise to the six children without any help and this make her even closer and filled with love and affection for her father.

Well this was all about the Father’s Day History And Facts. We hope that through this piece of article all the children would have gained enough knowledge about the Father’s Day and its prominence in the world.


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