Children’s Day 2019 Date In USA, NZ, Malaysia, Singapore

Do you want to know about the International Children’s Day 2019 date in USA, NZ, Malaysia, and Singapore? Well if yes then you have certainly reached at the right destination because in this article we will be highlighting all about the imperative place of Children’s Day in the society and regarding their dates in different countries as well. The first Children’s Day was celebrated in the United Nations in 1954 and this day is commenced on 20th November each year. The main motive behind this day has been all linked with the betterment and welfare of the Children’s. We have often read in many newspapers that a child is being abused each day. Although the concept of this day has been not related to child abuse but has been still favored in making the child future brighter and much success for the future.

Children’s Day 2019 Date

On 14th December 1954, the United National Assembly passes the bill of introducing the Children’s Day within their state. Since the passing of that bill in 1954, this day has been welcomed all over the world with great passion and enthusiasm. After the United Nations started this concept it slowly grabbed the attention of the whole world and they even get hold over their own dates for commencing the Children’s Day.

Children's Day 2019 Date In USA, NZ, Malaysia, Singapore

Children’s Day 2019 Date In World:

Here we would like to mention for the readers that there are many countries that have their confirmed dates for celebrating the international kid day 2019. Here below we are sharing the schedule for national Children’s day 2019 date in USA, NZ, Malaysia, Singapore. So you have to keep on reading the following bullets for the details. 

  • Children’s Day Date In USA is on Sunday 9th June 2019
  • Children’s Day Date In New Zealand is on Wednesday 20th November 2019
  • Children’s Day Date In Malaysia is on Wednesday 20th November 2019
  • Children’s Day Date In Singapore is on Friday 4th October 2019

Children’s Day 2019 Celebration Ideas

So if you talk about the Children’s day 2019 celebration ideas then we have some different stuff for you to share with you. On this Children’s Day 2019, special seminars are arranged for the purpose of making the people aware of this reality. Hence many long walks, processions, seminars, and speeches are conducted that are just in favor of the positivity of the child. The main purpose of all such activities has been just connected in offering the actual rights of the child and their real place in society. The entire Children’s are the same whether they are born in a middle-class family or either in some rich high-class society. All have the same rights and the same duties. Apart from it, a huge help is also taken from the media on this day that surely carries out the campaigns for making the people more alert.

Children’s Day Symbols

In UNICEF the Children’s day symbols are the mother, child, globe and the word UNICEF. This surely implicates that mother is incomplete without a child and so as this universe as well. Hence all in all we would say that all the Children’s have the right to treat in finest manner because these small Children’s are the one that will make this world even more successful and prosperous in future.

On the whole, after discussing the International Children’s Day 2019 Date In USA, NZ, Malaysia, Singapore, it is easy to conclude that this special day holds great importance in the whole world. In the final conclusion, we can say that this day is celebrated in the whole world on a larger scale. 


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