21th May is Observed as Anti Terrorism Day in India

All of you may have information about 21th May is Observed as Anti Terrorism Day in India. Here we will discuss Anti-Terrorism Day In India which is on 21st May. There is no doubt about the fact that terrorism has been one of such dangers in the whole world that is slowly and slowly killing the entire globe. Hence there has been no such country that is currently not facing the trouble of terrorism. In all such situations, it is vitally imperative that the whole world should be made aware of terrorism and the way it has been ruining the entire universe. People celebrate Anti-terrorist day every year to show peace in the country.

21th May is Observed as Anti Terrorism Day in India

Indian observes Anti terrorism Day on 21st May every year. If you don’t know the history of this day then you are at the right website. On this website we are providing you the details about 21th May is Observed as Anti Terrorism Day in India.

21th May is Observed as Anti Terrorism Day in India

Anti Terrorism Day In India:

Each year India commences the Anti-Terrorism Day with great passion and enthusiasm. This day marks the day of awareness regarding terrorism. On this day all the nation of India is made alert regarding terrorism and the way it has been leaving its negative impacts on every single section and category of the human society. There would be no such single person who would not be afraid of getting killed in bomb blasts or terrorist attacks. The very first Anti-terrorism Day in India was commenced in 1991 by Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. He was the one who felt the need that the terrorism alerts and awareness should be awakened among the nation.


On this day different seminars and lectures are held in many educational centers and even in the rehabilitation institutions as well. There are even special competitions that are held in between the different schools in the debate forms. These debates are basically against terrorism. But through such speeches, the people get closer with many features of terrorism terror. Apart from it, long march and walks are also arranged that are in favor of arising positive attitudes among the people. Sometimes these activities arise some sort of positive responses and the nation get a stronger feeling for fighting against terrorism.  On Anti-Terrorism Day, NGO and Government Centers have also huge responsibility. They play the role of making the nation aware from the terrorism and sometimes special parades are also commenced in which the army based institutions make the people alert that how they fight against the terrorism in the need of hour.


Another special thing about this day is that on 21st May the death anniversary of Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi is also offered along with the Anti-Terrorism Day as well. In this way all the Indians carry out the commencement of special silence for two minutes that is not just because of the death anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi but is also for all those people who have somehow lost their lives in some terror attacks.

Hence all in all Anti-Terrorism Day in India is one of those days that are just merely welcomed in India. But in reality this day should be commenced in all the countries that are facing the danger of terrorism. Yet this day brings along the message of peace, harmony, strength and courage that are essential features for fighting against the terrorism. On 21st May let’s take an oath that we will not be getting afraid from the terrors because they are just a thunderstorm that has to get settled one day.


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